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About Us

Preparing children for Kindergarten since 1971!


Celebrating 50 years of care

2021 marked the 50 year milestone for our preschool: in 1971 the preschool was founded as Grimsby Co-operative Preschool by a woman living in Grimsby and has been a part of our community ever since!  We are so proud to celebrate this milestone with our past and current families, and all of our incredible educators that have been a part of our journey over the past five decades.

In 2023 the preschool evolved from a co-operative into a not-for-profit in a decision made by the families who attended the 2022/2023 school year. The board of directors brought the decision to the table to be able to make small changes that help the preschool to run more efficiently, in turn being able to deliver the best possible programming and care!

To go forward is to move towards perfection, and with the same amount of effort, love and care as the past 50 years, we set our sights to all that the future holds for our wonderful little school!


We use the himama App to keep in touch with our families - from communication to contactless check-in and daily reports, himama is a current and progressive way to keep our staff in contact with our families! 

Health & Safety

At our preschool the children's well-being is our number one priority, and with COVID-19 we have enhanced some of our measures to make sure that our school is a safe environment for everyone.

Community Partners

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