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An important goal within in our program is to support the children as they develop relationships with each other and the educators. We provide a multi-cultural, homelike, and natural environment for the children, with many opportunities to interact with community members.  In order to make a smooth transition between home and Preschool, the educators will help guide them through their day.  Our program will adapt based on every child’s needs and development and we will utilize and seek out additional resources to provide and support all the children.  Our program is inclusive to all the children and families within our community and it allows for participation by all children no matter what their ability.


To support the development of physical and mental health and wellness, we encourage self-care, self-help, and self-regulation skills which in turn builds confidence and a strong sense of self.  The preschool provides a child led environment where the educators intentionally create positive learning experiences that reflect the children’s interests.  Our program goal is to support each child’s learning and development, support each child equally, and to be sensitive to all their needs.  We foster the children’s exploration, play, and inquiry by asking questions and adding materials to expand play.  We encourage the children to interact and communicate in a positive way and support their abilities by modelling appropriate behavior.  The preschool supports all children/families in a nurturing way and helps those who may be experiencing stressful and challenging circumstances by discovering what is best for the child and directing the families to the help when needed. 


In order to build on the fact that children are curious, competent, and capable, we encourage full exploration of the natural world surrounding them. The children are provided with a creative and engaging environment by supporting play and inquiry through indoor and outdoor play.  There are daily opportunities for children to explore and participate in creative learning and self-expression.  The environment is richly textured for tactile exploration to stimulate sensory awareness and are changed regularly within the classroom for new experiences based on the children’s interests and needs. The educators expand on the children’s play by learning and following their schemas, and the environment is designed of play areas that provide opportunity for a variety of a large group, small group, or individual play.  We encourage the families to extend the learning from the Preschool to the home environment by involving them in their child’s day to day learning.


At the preschool the educators allow for the children to be heard and respected.  We recognize children use many “languages” to communicate through their bodies, words, abilities, or the use of materials.   The educators provide opportunities for the children to communicate their ideas related to their play and help with resources to enhance the environment.  The educators will observe how the children use the materials, interact with each other and the educator, and expansion of their interests.  The children will be given the opportunity to make connections with a variety of contexts either individually or in small or large groups. We welcome the expression of all cultures and traditions in the environment and encourage family participation to allow for the children to feel valued.

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