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Not for Profit

In 2023 we moved from a co-operative preschool to a not for profit.

Previously our preschool ran as a co-operative, putting much of the organization and decision making on the families attending the preschool.

In a decision to make the daily operations run more smoothly and consistently, the change into a not for profit was voted in September of 2022, with the final changes made in January of 2023.

Similarly to how the preschool previously ran, there is a board of directors made up of past and present parents and caregivers, as well as other community members voted in by the attending families.

The board oversees the administration of the preschool.  The teachers are responsible for the educational program.

Since making the shift it has taken the pressure off of families to have to be involved in the preschool, but we welcome the opportunity for parents and guardians to volunteer at the preschool who are interested!

Licensed & governed by:
  • The Ontario Ministry of Education, Early Learning Division

  • Ontario's Childcare and Early Years Act, 2014 and its regulations

Proud to be a part of
Quality Child Care Niagara.
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